Sunday, April 08, 2007

Too Dumb To Get His Lies Straight

MSNBC: Gonzales Crams for a Senate Grilling

At a recent "prep" for a prospective Sunday talk-show interview, Gonzales's performance was so poor that top aides scrapped any live appearances. During the March 23 session in the A.G.'s conference room, Gonzales was grilled by a team of top aides and advisers—including former Republican National Committee chair Ed Gillespie and former White House lawyer Tim Flanigan—about what he knew about the plan to fire seven U.S. attorneys last fall. But Gonzales kept contradicting himself and "getting his timeline confused," said one participant who asked not to be identified (So Easter.)talking about a private meeting. His advisers finally got "exasperated" with him, the source added.

And this guy is the highest law enforcement officer in the land? His holding such a high office is just a further humiliation of the United States in the eyes of the world. But at least George W. Bush could snap his towel at Abu and call him names (nickname Fredo). He's so dumb he made Georgie feel smart.

I saw this on TalkingPointsMemo, the source for all things Purgative.

Speaking of how dumb the guy who appointed DummyGonzales is, did you see this story?

The CEO of Ford Motor Company stopped George The Lesser from plugging a live extension cord into the hydrogen tank of a hybrid vehicle (which would have a caused an explosion and immolated Curious George). He grabbed the commander in chief's arm and directed him to the front of the vehicle so this photograph could be taken:

Our President. What a maroon.

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