Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Essence Carson Rocks The House

Rutgers junior guard Essence Carson beams during a news conference Monday, April 2, 2007 in Cleveland. Rutgers plays Tennessee for the women's college basketball national championship Tuesday night.
(AP Photo/Mark Duncan)

Essence Carson is answering most of the questions for the Rutgers women's basketball team press conference today.

If MSNBC needs someone to fill in the two weeks of Imus's absence, why not give Essence Carson the gig? She's smart, has thought a lot about the issues of sexism and racism, and thinks before she speaks. Far more interesting than some newsreader. I bet some prof at Rutgers would give her three credits for that, not that she needs them.

NCAA: The Essence of Being a Student-Athlete


True Blue Liberal said...

These young women are so smart, so beautiful, and so talented. Now that more of America has seen them, the 50% that's still defending Imus will feel how those of us with a Rutgers connection felt from day one.
To have women like Essence Carson insulted by a racist throwback like Don Imus... There are no more words.
If NBC and CBS put him back on the air in two weeks, then they are as racist as he is.

You have great comments and pictures here. I've also dedicated my political blog and my Rutgers football blog to this cause until he's gone for good (or to satellite).

truth said...

Thanks True Blue. Glad to see someone else is outraged. Where is the corporate media? Why haven't they denounced these racist sexist slurs?