Friday, April 13, 2007

Things I Shout At The TV

Armstrong Williams says, Al Sharpton has never apologized for Tawana Brawley.

I Shout: "Some people take payola from the Bush Administration for paid opinions, yet they're back on TV as if they're serious journalists! Some people are stone hypocrites!"

David Gregory says, People are upset that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson brought Don Imus down.

I Shout: "PEOPLE! You're upset, Imus-buddy. Don Imus CHOSE to go on the Al Sharpton radio show! Don Imus conferred this credibility on Al Sharpton and now all Don Imus's friends are mad about it! Why didn't Don Imus call all his black female guests! Because he didn't have any! Why didn't Don Imus go on a woman's radio show? Because there isn't a woman's radio show!"

MSNBC host says, Why should black rappers be allowed to use the word ho.

I Shout: "Don Imus is 67 fucking years old, for Christ's sake! Is his conduct guided by stupid guys in their 20s? Didn't your mother teach you what my mother taught me? If everyone else jumped off the cliff, would you have to, too? I don't care what everyone else does. I care what you do!"

Craig Crawford says, These women at Rutgers didn't even know who Don Imus was before he said this. They never even heard it.

I Shout: "You moron, YOU didn't know who the Rutgers women's basketball team were until your buddy Don Imus was losing his job! You didn't care who Don Imus hurt until he got caught! I don't care who you are, either! Get off my TV!"


Anonymous said...

Wow you are an idiot
Shouting at a make believe tv
And oh brother
Of course there is a point to be made about the difference between blacks degrading themselves and whites using the same words.

Point is here tho - is that Freedon of Speach is just that. Freedom to speak what you please it is your right. Whether popular or not.
Spike Lee, Whoopi, Al Roker, rappers etc use derogatory words and comments about African Americans and thats ok - But let an old white guy say something similiar and oh my god lets go ahead and nail him to the cross shall we.


And I hate Rosie Odonnell but she had the right idea about this - dont have to like what he said but he has a right to his own opinion and the right to speak it.

Shall we all start tearing the Constitution to shreds now because the new IN thing is to show how angry we are at a racial slur. Now turn of your IPOD and stop listening to that rap music I think it's warped your brain

Anonymous said...

Yeah, everyone has the freedom of speech and, having placed their ideas/speech into the public forum, everyone has to accept the judgment of the marketplace of ideas. So, Don Imus has to accept the reality that this country has lost some measure of its tolerance for senseless, cruel, overt racial bigotry. We started by fighting a war in the 1800s about an institution known as slavery, which we were, as a country, no longer ready to tolerate. Then there was Reconstruction and Jim Crow. Eventually, that became intolerable, and things changed. It was a long, slow, painful struggle. Martin Luther King led the fight to bring changes to other areas of American life. He got killed along the way. Now we have reached a place where, as a country, we won't tolerate persons of influence and power senselessly and cruelly abusing their privileged positions, and taking hateful and hurtful verbal potshots at innocent female college basketball players. Sounds good to me. Sounds like progress. Change is a good thing. Suck it up and get used to it. Oh, yeah, and go visit the United States Civil Rights museum in Memphis, Tennessee. Watch out, you might learn something. One other thing: the Constitution is fine. See, even knuckleheads like you get to spew your knuckleheaded ideas. At the TV shouters. LOL.

Generik said...

As the brave and angry Mr. Anonymous in the first comment said, everyone has a right to free speech. He's correct. What Don Imus and every American has had, still has today, and, even though the Bush administration is working hard to take it away, should continue to have in the future, is the absolute right to make any ridiculous, hateful, bigoted comment he or she wants to. That's guaranteed by the Constitution. What Imus doesn't have a right to is his own radio show, or a forum paid for by advertisers to spout his inane BS. He's still perfectly free to say any damn thing he wants. It's just that now certain broadcasting corporations and their sponsors have decided that they don't want to pay him to represent them with his ignorant comments. It's not censorship, it's simply the power of the marketplace -- something conservatives are supposed to believe in.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said........
"Wow you are an idiot."

And then it just gets spectacular. Do the phrases "Freedon of Speach" and the spelling of similar as "similiar" let you know exactly who you're dealing with. Keep speaking the Truth, Truth.

LibertySpeak said...

What's become of the idea that editorial content should be free from the influence of advertisers? Clearly the pretense hardly exists anymore. Commercial interests own what both Imus supporters and detractors proclaim as the public airwaves. Broadcast radio and tv networks, as we know them, cannot be saved as anything but the tools of the agglomerating franchised few.

There are some obvious moralistic remarks to be made about Imus, Sharpton, Moonves etc., but why should one have to establish one's bona fides by publicly agreeing with the views of the moral mob when issues of diversity and free expression are paramount? I won't.

Shout at the tv, blog, and don't imagine that the mob values you for anything other than goring your ox - but only if it's also theirs - and that pecuniary interests value you for anything other than your purse.

Anonymous said...

a few typos in my opinion/post "shows you just who you're dealing with" whatever

funny - key in on simple typos when the post was an opinion and how the heck do you know it's my opinion...hahahaha. Could have just been saying something to ilicit a response from "knuckleheads"
And one of you who was referring to MLK - get it right MLK Jr.

And for that matter - he did great things for civil rights BUT he was a philandering adulterer..hmmmm but thats ok as long as it's with "nappy headed hos" and since he's a minister and breaking one of the ten commandments well we'll just sweep that under the rug 'cause hey the greater good right??

Gee Whilickers you folks get on your high horse about the silliest things.

I could care less about Imus - never listened or watched his show til this out of context comment was brought to light by the druggie Al Sharpton.

ANd sheesh - you say the Bush admin is trying to rid us of our constitutional rights HAHAHAHA big belly laugh on that one - get your parties straight it's The Liberal Democrats (yes tax and spend and spend and spend course not their OWN money as they worked hard for it hahaha incl traitor hanoi jane) but its the Democrats that think that we are so ignorant that we need big government to take care of poor little stupid us.. and hey lets chisel away at our rights while we are at it.

Anyway - I think its so funny that you assume I'm Male and Assume I'm uneducated by mere typos remember ASS - U - ME.

Anywhooooo point is Snoop Dog or any rappers or any black comedian or comiedienne can say Nappy Headed hos about a tattoed basketball team (watch any black tv - BET, Comedy etc) and thats ok but let a cracker say it and lawdy lawdy scream racisim. Had the team been primarily white and scary and thuglike and tatooed he could have said White Bread Crackers just wonder if anyone would have cared at all.
He's just the whipping boy - too bad he lost his job. Hmm will Rosie O'donnell lose hers? Bill Maher? Jimmy Kimmel?

and yeah some of my best friends are black and they thought ya know who the hell cares about Don Imus..I mean after all Snoop Dog and his crones berate and desecrate women (misogyny)and spike lee - hmm ever actually watched a spike lee film? Wow as long as you are referring to your own race you can say whatever you want looks like.

And on another note - all bash Bush for iraq etc... But hmm what about Clinton just doing nothing while the genocide of than a million Rowandans happened under his nose (oh yeah I forgot it was probably full of cocaine or maybe Monica's cigar) and of course Hillary didn't do anything to help this plight either since she is so socially and morally motivated that she made sure that Billy Boy helped the plight now didn't she.

OOOOHHHH I cannot wait to see your literate responses to this.

What fun

Anonymous said...

Oprah's Show of April 16th and 17th will put a focus on this issue.

VERY WELL PUT JASON WHITLOCK of the Kansas City Star!!!!

I am the first Anonymous commentor.
And this very wise black man has spoken most eloquently exactly my point!

Check out his article of Sat April 14th!

My point was that the Imus fiasco was hypocritical..... EVERYONE who is perpetuating the hate should be held accountable and not hide behind "artistic license!"