Thursday, April 12, 2007

Don Imus Ousted By CBS Radio

Don Imus

CNN reporting that Don Imus has been fired by CBS Radio.

Bye bye.


Anonymous said...

This is so stupid. Imus has done nothing wrong, that everyone hasn't done in their time. People act like we need to crusify him or something. The way I see it all these people love being on TV. Watch those girls smile as they have had enough time to be brain washed by the everyone. Grow up and stop this silly stuff. Worry about the nation. PUT IMUS BACK ON THE AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Lyons said...

CBS and MSNBC, the hipacrits that they are, caved in.After all the years that Imus has been on the air with the same humor that hes always had, they decide his humor isnt funny.After all the years of the good things he has done for the stations that he's been on ,not to mention what he's done for the community,CBS and MSNBC become cowards and run.Whats things coming to that a man like Imus can't be forgiven? Whats a good hearted man have to do to be forgiven?It seems Mr. sharpton,CBS and MSNBC thinks a man like Imus can't be forgiven.HEY SHARPTON THERE ARE A FEW DOZEN PEOPLE UP HERE IN DUTCHESS COUNTY ,WHO'S LIVES YOU RUINED, WAITING TO FORGIVE YOU.THERE ARE A FEW DOZEN PEOPLE DOWN AT DUKE WAITING TOO.THERES JUST ONE PROBLEM, THEY HAVENT HEARD YOU ASK THEM FOR FORGIVENESS.I guess CBS,MSNBC and the great leader Mr. sharpton are all cowards.CBS and MSNBC can't stand up for the rights we all share in this country, because of the fear that they MIGHT lose some MONEY.Mr.sharpton can't stand up and apoligize to all families he's hurt. THERES ONLY ONE MAN THAT STOOD UP AND PUT HIMSELF IN FULL VIEW OF EVERYONE AND ASKED TO BE FORGIVEN.Now lets see,what lessons has CBS,MSNBC and Mr. sharpton teaching the youth???????