Saturday, April 14, 2007

Imus Reactions

Don Imus

Colbert I. King, WaPo: Standing Up to Imus

Still, Don Imus's media friends find ways to keep him in their good graces.

Those colleagues proved to be more devoted to Imus than to the people he has slandered. They silently averted their gaze from his record to go on his popular show and sell themselves.

LATimes: A talk powerhouse is shut down
The firing of Don Imus by CBS brings an abrupt end to a radio forum that attracted media and political heavies.

This article contains Don Imus's final shot at women (which CLANKS OFF THE BACKBOARD, like all the rest of shots):

But Imus made it clear elsewhere that he didn't intend to fade out quietly. He called the "Conway & Whitman" show on Los Angeles radio station KLSX (97.1 FM) Thursday and complained that he had been fired while he was doing a charity show. He vowed: "I plan to be on the radio. I plan to work again. I'm not going to sit around like an old woman."

Responding to racism with dignity
The Rutgers women's basketball team shows class.

Independent (uk): The sacking of Don Imus: The rise (and fall) of the shock jock
The right-wing US broadcasters who fill the air with invective operate way beyond the conventions of good taste. But now one of them has gone too far

Times (uk) Online: The ‘perfect storm’ that brought a shocking radio career to an end
Don Imus was a renowned shock jock — then he insulted a black girls' sports team

In England, they're still girls.

Anderson (IN) Herald-Bulletin: EDITORIAL: Imus should have been fired long ago
Out there in the heartland, they get it.

Patriot-Ledger: OPINION
OUR VIEW: It was always about the green

Their final analysis: Blame the audience. (Right! We made him say those things. Sheesh.)

Rich Lowry, NYPost:

Still thinks the corporate media is liberal. Not. Go Right Ahead And Filet Don Imus, Just Be Sure To Skin His Corporate Bosses, Too
Excellent suggestion: Make Imus advertisers give to the United Negro College Fund!


Anonymous said...


Don Imus: An article in Section A on Friday about CBS firing talk-show host Don Imus concluded by quoting remarks Imus made Thursday night on the "Conway & Whitman" show on Los Angeles radio station KLSX-FM (97.1). The comments were not made by Imus but by the program's co-host, Brian Whitman, who was doing an impression of Imus. Imus was not a guest on the program. —

Anonymous said...

Nice work. Your unbiased coverage has done wonders for the larger dialog about race. Hopefully, with the help of righteous people such as yourself, America will be a place where no one will ever be offended ever again. Imus, and his unrepeatable statement, is a good start. There should be one standard for public discourse in this country and I think it should be yours.