Thursday, April 12, 2007

I Should Do This

1. Mid-century modern Diamond Chairs designed by Harry Bertoia for Knoll in 1952. Harry Bertoia was an artist, sculptor, jewelry maker, and designer and worked with Charles and Ray Eames at the Evans Products Company. He is best known for his work with metal -- specifically, wire. Designed in 1952, Bertoia's wire group for Knoll has been in continuous production ever since, made entirely by hand in a wooden wire-bending frame.
Welded steel with rods in bonded rilsan, a very durable adhesive-fused nylon-dipped finish. White pleather seat, original to chair. Scratch, chip, and chemical resistant. Some chips on arm as seen in pictures

A lawyer has put everything she owns up on ebay in one giant auction.

LATimes: All her stuff gets the heave-ho into EBay
A lawyer/pack rat is moving and plans to travel real light. Everything Perry Owns!!*

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