Monday, April 09, 2007

Et Tu, Omar?

Where are the New York Mets? Shouldn't they have something to say when a shock jock on the radio station that carries their games makes racist remarks?

WFAN Homepage

There he is, Don Imus, "UP NEXT" on the home of the Mets, WFAN.

Or would they only be pissed if Don Imus called Willie Randolph a nappy-headed ho.

Or Carlos Beltran:

Or Julio Franco:

Need I say more, Omar Minaya? Do the Mets take a position here?

Omar Minaya, Mets GM


gcw said...

Good call. I totally overlooked this side of things, as I'm sure many have. And the Mets have been strangely quiet about this.

Anonymous said...

You people are morons. The Mets are in the business of Baseball, not sharing opinions on the racist spewings of a deluded has been.