Saturday, May 12, 2007

Anucha Browne Sanders Trial Date Set

Or, as the New York Post puts it: SEPT. 10 TRIAL DATE FOR ISIAH

And let the leaking (from the defense, surely) begin:

Legal sources predict the trial to last two weeks, allowing Thomas to be ready for Knicks' training camp Oct. 1 in Charleston, S.C. Sources deny settlement talks took place recently.

"There's going to be a trial," one legal source said. Browne-Sanders declined comment.

Interestingly, Isiah has dumped his initial attorney and replaced him with a her, the former head of the New York Women's Bar Association. Given Thomas's personnel choices at New York and Indiana, I think this may be a disaster in the making. Like the Stephon Marbury deal.

East Valley Tribune (Phoenix): Inside the NBA: New act in Knicks circus: Thomas trial slated for fall

Barely relevant P.S.: 13 years ago today, Isiah Thomas retired from the NBA.

Just For Laughs

GQ: The Real Colbert Report Every time I see the GQ cover photo of Colbert holdng his baby self on a magazine stand, it cracks me up.

Bob Geiger's Saturday Cartoons

Predictions of the Year 2000
from The Ladies Home Journal of December 1900

Dependable Renegade has John McCain, still out there visiting in his flak jacket:

The Gates of Hell

Applebee's in Petaluma, CA

Colonial Williamsburg


Orlando, Florida

historic San Francisco

The Lower East Side

And my personal favorite: Portland, Maine

Yo Blair

Don't let the door hit you when you leave office on June 27th.

I used to compare Blair favorably to Chimpy McFlightsuit, because he could speak English fluently unlike President Malaprop, but he also made the historically foolish decision to invade Iraq. He will not be judged well by history.

"Yo Blair" greeting audible at second 17 of this NBC Today Show report