Monday, June 14, 2004


Just returned home from an unscheduled trip to visit a recuperating relative.

Now I am recovering from a new sports blow -- England's extra-time loss to the dreaded Frogs at Euro20004. England Suffer France Agony

It was torture to watch it all unravel so quickly at the end.

Crazy Barthez with that great save on Beckham's PK was the start.

Then England turtled for the rest of the second half -- impossible against the French who are loaded with offensive talent. And the final blow, Sven-Goren puts in EMILE HESKEY, of all substitutes, for Wayne Rooney who at 18 didn't need a rest, and certainly didn't need to be taken out for the useless Mr. Heskey. Wham-o, Heskey fouls, Zidane strikes with the perfect free kick, England panics, Steven Gerrard makes the sloppy pass back to James, James fouls Henry and and Zidane puts them away from the penalty mark. Sad.

More tomorrow.