Friday, February 08, 2008

I Miss Jose

Mourhino, that is. The Special One. (Or The Not So Special One, as he is known in my family.) Just for the great fun we have mocking him!

hat tip to The Beautiful Game

Too Delicious Not To Repeat

Soup Cans: Did Maureen Dowd Mistake Journo for Michelle Obama?

NYPost, Page Six:

February 7, 2008 -- A CLAWING cat fight over mistaken identity has broken out between New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd and a writer for the Times of London.

At the core of the mystery: Did Dowd mistake journalist Michelle Henery, who is black, for Michelle Obama? Or did Henery mistake some other redhead for Dowd?

In a column in the London paper this week, Henery wrote that Dowd, "one of my journalistic heroes," came up to her in the press room after the last Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama debate in LA. ". . . She was in my face, smiling warmly, greeting me like a long-lost friend. My mind went into overdrive trying to figure out why the world-renowned, Pulitzer Prize-winning, New York Times uber-columnist . . . was speaking to me. The shock . . . left me momentarily speechless, but in those few seconds Maureen's sweet smile turned into embarrassed confusion and she scampered off."

Henery continued, "The next day I e-mailed a group of American friends, asking whose doppelganger I was. They all agreed: 'She must have thought you were Michelle Obama.'"

Henery, a 1998 Georgetown University grad, added sarcastically: "Of course! I mean, despite her having almost 15 years on me and more than 3 inches in height, not to mention that she should be immediately recognizable having had her face plastered across every newspaper in America for the past three months, we're like twins . . . I wondered how white America was going to elect a black man for president if they could not even tell us apart." She joked: "Maureen, no hard feelings. When you came up to me, I mistook you for Arianna Huffington."

MoDo, that slut, denies all. Stay tuned. Is there any woman in America more deserving of being in an intercontinental factfree catfight than hissing, spitting, venomous MoDo? Mrrrreow.

The queen of mean seems to be winning; the Times of London has removed Michelle Henery's column from its website. I'm sure lawyers are involved.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Entombed exit ramp from Route 290 to Routes 12/70, 30 years ago.

February 5th: 5th Anniversary of Colin Powell's Lies to the World to Pimp Bush's War

February 6th: 22nd anniversary of National Girls & Women's Sports Day

February 6th: 30th anniversary of Blizzard of '78 (which I spent in the Boston Garden, and walked home to Boston College the next day through 2 feet of snow.)

Worcester Telegram: Blast from the past
30 years after Blizzard of ’78, region is better prepared today

Boston Herald, Images: Blizzard of '78

Boston Globe: A look back at the Blizzard of 1978

Out There US space agency Nasa releases images of Saturn taken by the Cassini spacecraft.

Next Time They Hand You a Plastic Bag

Independent (uk): A scavenger in a dugout canoe paddles through a sea of garbage along a Manila waterway

Think of the plastic soup, the huge floating plastic garbagebergs in the Pacific Ocean that are twice the size of the United States.

Independent (uk): The world's rubbish dump: a garbage tip that stretches from Hawaii to Japan

A "plastic soup" of waste floating in the Pacific Ocean is growing at an alarming rate and now covers an area twice the size of the continental United States, scientists have said.

The vast expanse of debris – in effect the world's largest rubbish dump – is held in place by swirling underwater currents. This drifting "soup" stretches from about 500 nautical miles off the Californian coast, across the northern Pacific, past Hawaii and almost as far as Japan.

Charles Moore, an American oceanographer who discovered the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch" or "trash vortex", believes that about 100 million tons of flotsam are circulating in the region. Marcus Eriksen, a research director of the US-based Algalita Marine Research Foundation, which Mr Moore founded, said yesterday: "The original idea that people had was that it was an island of plastic garbage that you could almost walk on. It is not quite like that. It is almost like a plastic soup. It is endless for an area that is maybe twice the size as continental United States."

Curtis Ebbesmeyer, an oceanographer and leading authority on flotsam, has tracked the build-up of plastics in the seas for more than 15 years and compares the trash vortex to a living entity: "It moves around like a big animal without a leash." When that animal comes close to land, as it does at the Hawaiian archipelago, the results are dramatic. "The garbage patch barfs, and you get a beach covered with this confetti of plastic," he added.

Independent (uk): Steve Connor: Why plastic is the scourge of sea life

Daily Mail (uk): Rubbish dump found floating in Pacific Ocean is twice the size of America

Daily News & Analysis (India): Pacific Ocean could turn into a 'Plastic Ocean'

Tie Ballgame

Super Tuesday didn't change much on the Democratic side. Clinton won the bigger, bluer, primary states; Obama won more states, primarily red or swing states, and all the caucus states. They split the delegates. The numbers according to MyDD, including superdelegates: Clinton 919, Obama 823, with 2,025 needed to win.

Obama's squeaker of a win in Missouri buoyed me last night, because I knew that

Missouri is considered a bellwether state because its voters have come down on the side of the winner in every presidential election except one in the past 100 years.

I called my Obama-voting brother in Missouri to celebrate and woke him up! I am a political geek, and hey, it's an hour earlier in Missouri. Who goes to bed before midnight on Super Tuesday?

Obama's Super Tuesday speech got to me when he said this:

And if I am your nominee, my opponent will not be able to say that I voted for the war in Iraq, because I didn’t, or that I gave George Bush the benefit of the doubt on Iran, because I haven’t, or that I support the Bush-Cheney doctrine of not talking to leaders we don’t like, because I profoundly disagree with that approach.

That's why I'm voting for Obama. I like Hillary, but she voted for the war. A person with as much as experience as she has should have known better.

The big story is turnout. The Democratic turnout is dwarfing Republican turnout in almost every state, including states we think of as automatic in the Republican column.

Dems 227,000
Reps 120,000

820,000 Dems
585,000 Reps

1,041,000 Dems
953,000 Reps


202,000 Dems
59,000 Reps

533,000 Dems
551,000 Reps

South Carolina
530,000 Dems
441,000 Reps

New Hampshire

282,000 Dems
232,000 Reps

Then there's my state:

1.2 million Dems
479,000 Reps

Coach Mom:

New York
1.7 million Dems
600,000 Reps

Squirrel Fryer to Broker Republican Convention

Republican Party in crisis! Couldn't happen to a bunch of more malevolent, creepy dudes. McCain, the man conservatives love to hate, won 9 states last night, but more importantly, 455 delegates; the Mittwit hung on for seven (including some that he hasn't ever declared his primary residence, imagine that), and the candidate of the religious right, a/k/a "Squirrel Fryer", Mike Huckabee, won five.

So the Republican race goes on, even though Romney is reportedly having "frank discussions" with his staff today ("Don't spend the entire inheritance!" advisor Tagg cries) and McCain has declared himself the frontrunner.

Squirrel Fryer's acolytes, on the other hand, are calling for their man to broker the convention. From your lips to God's ears. I can hear his campaign song now. "We're gonna ban some evolution, yeah, you know we're gonna change the world...."

Monday, February 04, 2008

Barack Obama: Yes We Can

Obama is inspiring. Here's a video where supporters put his New Hampshire primary speech to music:

Giant Buzzkill

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) reacts to being sacked by New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan (92) during the third quarter of the Super Bowl XLII football game at University of Phoenix Stadium on Sunday, Feb. 3, 2008 in Glendale, Ariz.
(AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

Giants 20 17, Patriots 17 14. [edited afternoon; in my dreams, there were more field goals.]

Sad to say, I saw this one coming, as Sunday morning I woke up from a dream where the Patriots lost by 1 point. In the dream it wasn't the Super Bowl, and they weren't playing the Giants, but it felt ominous.

Top five reasons the Giants beat the Patriots, from the group I watched the game with last night.

(1) Boston mayor Tom Menino announcing the city's plans for a Patriots victory parade last week. Jinx.

(2) Belichek was not wearing his traditional homeless man grey sweatshirt. And the red sweatshirt looked like Giants garb! Don't mess with a streak, Bill. Didn't you ever watch Bull Durham? "A player on a streak has to respect the streak."

(3) The Patriots broke the John Madden rule -- Put the points on the board -- in the second quarter when they opted to go for it on 4th and 13 when they could have kicked a 49-yard field goal. And guess what? 3 was the margin of victory. Dumb move, Bill Belichek. Probably caused by the red sweatshirt.

(4) Tom Brady's ankle wasn't letting him plant and his throws were all over the place; plus his offensive line was getting run over by the faster, younger, less beat up Giants defense.

(5) The Giants were the better team yesterday. Better defense, better offense, better coach, better quarterback.

Most amusing TV announcer bullshit:

Tom Petty was announced as a rock & roll "legend." Hey, I know the guy is in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but legend? Please. Reportedly, he wasn't even the first choice to play at the Super Bowl (The Eagles & Bruce Springsteen said to have turned down the big game).

Troy Aikman when the Patriots got the ball back, down 20-17 with 29 seconds left: "29 seconds is eternity to Tom Brady." No, you idiot, 29 seconds is 29 seconds and finite; and Tom Brady had been playing like crap all night. Too bad they wouldn't let Phil Simms call a Giants Super Bowl.