Wednesday, October 08, 2008

"My Fellow Prisoners"

McCain is really losing it. Someone in my clay class today suggested that when McCain called Obama "That one" last night, it was because he forgot his name.


The Light said...

My two favorite moments of the debate on CSPAN(the only place for politics...sorry MSNBC) 1. McCain wandering about the stage area whilst Barack was answering questions. Was he lost or what? 2. At the end of the debate, McCain shrugged off shaking Obama's hand as he stood with his trophy/Stepford wife who seemed shocked that the candidate wanted to yes, shake your hand as well. (maybe a first time shaking hands with a black person that wasn't working in an African orphanage?)Colonel Milk and cookies left pronto to catch Matlock and Barack and Michelle went ALL AROUND THE ROOM...answering questions, taking pictures and signing autographs. ('cause that's what rockstars do baby!)

Stick a fork in McCain, because he's DONE.

truth said...

The wandering around with the shuffle made him look really old, like a guy looking for his room in the nursing home.