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I Read The News Today, Oh Boy: October 6, 2008

yahoo: A protester holds a sign outside of a fundraiser for Republican vice presidential Nominee Alaska Governor Sarah Palin in Dallas, Texas October 3, 2008. REUTERS/Jessica Rinaldi (UNITED STATES) US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION CAMPAIGN 2008

In a stampede to come clean, seven state employees who failed to appear for testimony after being subpoenaed in the Troopergate investigation in Alaska had a change of heart after a judge rejected their challenge to the subpoena. Now they've agreed to testify in the investigation into Sarah Palin's firing of the state's popular Public Safety Commissioner.

You want to talk about associations? 20 years ago while John McCain was palling around with his soon-to-be-a-felon BFF Charles Keating, Barack Obama was in an airport giving a complete stranger enough money to be able to take all her bags to Norway. A leader's character is revealed in everyday situations.

Speaking of character-revealing actions, read the 5-page article in today's Washington Post about the marriage of John McCain and his first wife Carol, which ends with these devastating concluding grafs:

At the Republican National Convention this summer, the family came together to celebrate McCain's triumphant moment. "Everyone," says McCain's old friend and lawyer Bud Day, "was there and jovial."

Everyone except Carol. She declined to join her children and her ex-husband.

It was probably just as well. The buildup to McCain's acceptance speech included an eight-minute video that celebrated his life, work and family. At its conclusion, delegates in the convention hall erupted in applause.

Carol McCain, the woman who stood beside McCain through triumph and tragedy, was never mentioned.
The LATimes gets in on the McCain-revealing action with this article: Mishaps mark John McCain's record as naval aviator. The subhead for the article is:
Three crashes early in his career led Navy officials to question or fault his judgment. A Times review of his record suggests he was cocky, occasionally cavalier and prone to testing limits.

More good news for Barack Obama: Bluegrass legend, 81-year-old Ralph Stanley has cut a radio ad [listen to the ad here] for Obama in Virginia. Ralph Stanley is the guy who sang "Oh Death" on the Oh Brother Where Art Thou? soundtrack.

The Stanley Brothers in their heyday; Pete Seeger is the guy sitting, listening:

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