Friday, October 10, 2008

I Read The News Today, Oh Boy: October 10, 2008

Hang your head, Herbert Hoover

The man who prosecuted William Ayers 40 years ago writes to the New York Times decrying any effort to link Ayers to Obama, and pointing out that the case against Ayers was dismissed because Nixon's Attorney General John Mitchell broke the law investigating the case.

Who's the real radical extremist? Sarah Palin and her whackadoodle Alaskan Independence Party pals. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. calls AIP "The Last Refuge of a Scoundrel." And she's an ignoramous who doesn't know anything about anything, even energy; yesterday she couldn't answer a basic question about Alaskan oil.. And doesn't that make John McCain look even more out-of-touch and foolish for saying she's the nation's top energy expert? Maybe if she were competing against kindergartners.

From the hubris file: McCain/Palin campaign issue a report declaring that Sarah Palin is innocent of the Troopergate charges. Well, all righty then!

Washington Post documents more angry crowd behavior at McCain/Palin events.

Freaking out about the economy? My third favorite economist (sorry Bonddad, Atrios and Krugman have you beat) sez We WILL GET THROUGH This Financial Crisis. If we have the right leadership (cough, Obama, cough). George W. Bush's economic policies have led to the worst year in the stock market since 1932. Heckuva job, Buckfush!

Our next President bought 30 minutes of prime time for Wednesday, October 29, 2008 at 8:00 p.m. Major economic address, I'd imagine.


Anonymous said...

C'mon, Truth, don't malign kindergartners. I'd put any member of my kindergarten classes in Downsville Central School up against Sarah Palin any day in a test of basic energy theory.

truth said...

Toddlers? Or would that insult toddlers?

lovable liberal said...

Interesting letter from William Ibershof. Did you notice that he implicated Deep Throat (Mark Felt) in the illegal wiretapping, etc.?

truth said...

I knew I knew that name! Thanks LL.