Tuesday, October 07, 2008

John McCain Wrote Letter Supporting State Trooper Who Murdered Civil Rights Protestor

Anniston (AL) Star: McCain wrote on behalf of ex-trooper now awaiting trial in civil rights slaying

pdf: McCain's letter to State Department

The murder of Jimmie Lee Jackson inspired the Selma March in 1965.

Jimmie Lee Jackson was part of a march protesting against restrictions to voting, and the jailing of a civil rights worker. He was shot at such close range that there were powder burns on his abdomen.

An all-white jury declined to indict state trooper James B. Fowler in 1965.

Fowler admitted in an 2005 interview that he shot Jackson, but claimed self-defense.

Fowler's trial was scheduled to start this month, but was delayed by the judge.

McCain wrote a letter to the State Department in 1991 supporting Fowler, who at the time was in prison in Thailand awaiting trial on heroin distribution charges.

Being a black Republican is like being a Log Cabin Republican or a pro-choice Republican. There is no place for you in the party of hate.


Anonymous said...

This is what I am afraid about John McCain. He is a true rascist.Our country is trying to move into the new millineum and live under the constitution where ther is equal justice for all and he still wants to try to keep us in the 60's or beyound. If we want to move forward McCain is not the one.

Anonymous said...

omg... this is the man that wants to run the country???? Racism is not the key to run... And if he becomes President we are definitely gonna have a replica of Bush...