Saturday, February 11, 2006

Call The Whiner Line

Our local sports talk radio station, WEEI, has a thing they call "The Whiner Line". Fans call in and pretend to be athletes or owners or some other sports personalities, whining about some coverage, or criticism, or call, or whatever. It's pretty funny, especially the local guys with the thick Boston accents. They even have annual awards for the best rants.

Jim Brady, executive editor of the Washington Post who presided over the Deborah Howell/Abramoff gave to Democrats/NOT/truthiness saga, is pissed off and whiny:

BLOG RAGE | By Jim Brady

Howell's inadvertent error prompted a handful of bloggers to urge their readers to go to to vent their discontent, and in the subsequent four days we received more than a thousand comments in our public forum. Only, the word "comments" doesn't convey the obscene, vituperative tone of a lot of the postings, which were the sort of things you might find carved on the door of a public toilet stall. About a hundred of them had to be removed for violating the Post site's standards, which don't allow profanity or personal attacks.

I am proud to have made one of the comments so offensive it was permanently deleted. This is what I wrote:

Deborah, you're doin' a heckuva job. Signed, George W. Bush.

Wicked harsh, eh?


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1 comment:

reader_iam said...

That's a clever comment, and, no, it doesn't seem worthy of deletion. It IS possible, however, that it was a mistake during a frenzy of deleting. If not, that was truly silly, I grant you most willingly and with feeling.

However, there's a larger point to Brady's comment piece, I think. Isn't it worth at least considering more broadly?