Friday, January 20, 2006

Deborah Howell, Meet Eugene Robinson

Eugene Robinson in today's WaPo:

Want Fries With That?
Don't Bet on the GOP Supersizing Lobbying Reform

Don't be fooled by the chorus shouting "The Democrats did it, too!" -- from Tom DeLay's multiple troubles to Duke Cunningham's antique commode to Abramoff's spider web of tainted links, this is a Republican scandal, period. For the record, there's no indication that Abramoff, who had a habit of making lavish campaign contributions, gave any of his own money to Democrats -- he seems to have written checks to Republicans only. His clients, at least some of them presumably acting on his advice, gave most of their contributions to the GOP and relatively little to Democrats.

Yesterday's Presstititute of the Day, Deborah Howell could take a few lessons in fact-checking from Mr. Robinson. That's all I'm saying.

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