Sunday, January 22, 2006

She Still Doesn't Get It

Deborah Howell's latest shot at getting the Abramoff story right is half right, and still half wrong:

The Firestorm Over My Column

I wrote that he gave campaign money to both parties and their members of Congress. He didn't.

I should have said he directed his client Indian tribes to make campaign contributions to members of Congress from both parties.

Still clinging to her "directed to" language, while ignoring the import of the actual facts. Abramoff's tribes (only 6 of the 500 recognized tribes in the US, by the way) actually gave far less to Democrats after he began representing them as their lobbyist.

Well, at least she's figured this much out:

It's not a bipartisan scandal; it's a Republican scandal, and that's why the Republicans are scurrying around trying to enact lobbying reforms.

More on Howell's poor journalism from firedoglake, Talking Points Memo, and dailykos.

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