Thursday, February 09, 2006

Has Paula Zahn Moved to Boston?

Pale Male and Lola, redux? Et tu, Paula?

From today's Boston Globe:

Vanishing of nests ruffles feathers
In heart of city, hawk pair's plight worries onlookers

The pair of red-tailed hawks that have made their home on an 11th-story ledge overlooking the Boston Common in the last year have become beloved residents of the neighborhood. In office buildings and homes for blocks around, their likenesses are on computer screensavers, in desktop picture frames, sent by e-mail from one bird-lover to the next.

But suspicion has suddenly torn through the little community of hawk-watchers. The birds' nests have repeatedly disappeared. Daily observers of the ledge at 6 Beacon St. say that the twig home first vanished last month. The hawks rebuilt, stick by stick. But the nest was soon gone again, and the birds once again rebuilt. Some say that, in all, three nests have mysteriously vaporized. The latest was Tuesday morning, and fingers are now being pointed.

Paula Zahn v. Pale Male
, last year.

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