Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Obama's Next Ad

If Bush had privatized Social Security the way he tried to in 2005, American would have lost millions in the market slide yesterday.

McCain reiterated his support for privatizing Social Security just last week at an AARP meeting.

Yes, John, you did. Just like you said yesterday "The fundamentals of our economy are strong."

Here's a suggested ad, from the new blog Strategy '08:

Montage of images summarizing past few months: Headlines about Bear Sterns’ implosion, Lehman’s bankruptcy and Merrill Lynch’s sale; footage of employees leaving their offices with boxes.

REPORTER: And the news out of Wall Street just keeps getting worse. Major investment banks have failed and the stock market has gone south, as millions of people have seen their stock portfolios dwindle to nothing.

Cut to images of senior citizens outside soup kitchens, moving back in with their adult children.

REPORTER: But none have been hit harder than those who invested their Social Security payments in the stock market after George Bush privatized the system back in 2005. Republicans promised that retirees would earn better returns in the market, but instead, by sacrificing guaranteed retirement benefits and gambling on the whims of the stock market, poverty rates among the elderly are now on a scale not seen since the Great Depression.

Abrupt cut to shot of Bush and McCain embracing.

VOICEOVER: Fortunately, this never happened. George Bush’s plan to privatize Social Security never passed. But if John McCain — who has called the current system for financing Social Security “a disgrace” — has his way, the Republicans will take another shot at gambling your Social Security benefits in the stock market.

Cut to black.

VOICEOVER: That’s a reality we shouldn’t have to face.

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