Saturday, September 20, 2008

All Your $700,000,000,000 Are Belong To Bush

my palz git yer $$$$$$$$$$$

The Bailout Plan will transfer $2,333 from every living American to Treasury Secretary Hank Paulsen (former CEO of Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs), who will then distribute the $700,000,000,000 to his old Wall Street cronies. No rules, no limits, no judicial review.

Mission Accomplished.

As many bloggers have noted, it's like the Iraq War all over again. Paulsen called Congress in on Thursday night and told them there was a mushroom cloud in their future. They began cringing and mewling on the floor, begging to go along with whatever he proposed. Today Hank-o says he needs billions for a Shock and Awe campaign to occupy Wall Street. No exit plan, either.

No one should trust the Bush Administration about anything. They are stealing us blind to reward bad actors. No wonder the stock market soared on Friday. They're getting away with it.

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Tzvee said...

not a repeat. complete irony. now it is bush who has been snowed by the fear mongering economists who have imposed upon bush et al a hefty dose of socialism. ha!

truth said...

tzvee! are you back? we miss you.