Tuesday, September 16, 2008

John McCain's Lip Service Express

Economy? I got no problems with the economy.

Yesterday Private Plane McCain said, after Lehman Bros. imploded "The fundamentals of our economy are strong."

His campaign realized this was a gaffe, so they rushed him out a few hours later to say this:

The McCain camp later issued prepared comments that were to be made later in the day when the candidate was scheduled to appear in Orlando, Fla. Those comments were altered to pay homage to American workers when saying the economy is "fundamentally strong."

"Today we are seeing tremendous upheaval on Wall Street. The American economy is in crisis. Unemployment is on the rise and our financial markets are in turmoil. People are concerned about our economic future. But let me say something: this economic crisis is not the fault of the American people. Our workers are the most innovative, the hardest working, the best skilled, most productive, most competitive in the world," McCain's prepared text said.

The text went on to say: "My opponents may disagree, but those fundamentals of America are strong. No one can match an American worker. Our workers sell more goods to more markets than any other on earth. Our workers have always been the strength of our economy, and they remain the strength of our economy today."

McCain suddenly has faith in the American workers? Hah. This is what he said about the American worker in 2006:

"Now, my friends, I'll offer anybody here $50 an hour if you'll go pick lettuce in Yuma this season and pick for the whole season. So -- OK? Sign up. OK.

You sign up. You sign up, and you'll be there for the whole season, the whole season. OK? Not just one day. Because you can't do it, my friends."

Like many Democrats, I am waiting for the Obama campaign to use McCain's insults to American workers in a commercial. This is just one YouTube user's version. We must shove this -- dare I say it? -- elitist statement down McCain's pampered old throat.

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