Friday, January 25, 2008

Republicans Embrace Iraq War and Bush

Only the Republican field for the 2008 election can make batshit Ron Paul look reasonable. From last night's debate, aka Beddy-Bye in Boca:

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stefan said...

You forget that most Democrats voted for the Iraq war as well and almost all (including Obama) for the funding of the war and that the idea really started with CLinton 5 years before the Iraq invasion. Only Ron Paul stood up every time against this, and had the wisdom to see through it, also the economic disasters (predicted 1987 crash in 1983) and voted against the Patriot Act, Real ID etc. Republicans and Democrats alike look very bad in regard to civil liberties and prudent foreign policy compared to Ron Paul. Seems to me certain people must be very jealous of him...
and oh, while someone else wrote certain paragraphs in his letters, he was busy helping minorities with health care, sometimes even for free. There is a picture to proof this and the Austin NAACP president has given him a very good personal "approval". NOBODY has aver heard him say anything remotely "racist", "sexist" etc.