Friday, January 25, 2008

People Who Live In Glass Houses

Hillary Clinton, Tony Rezko, Bill Clinton - unsourced picture on Drudge Report today

You know the rest of that quote. Shouldn't throw stones. In last week's debate, Hillary Clinton swung back at Barack Obama for pointing out that she had been on the board of WalMart for six years by slamming him for his association with Chicago slumlord Tony Rezko. Yes, the picture above is Hillary and Bill Clinton posing with that same Rezko.

Maybe next someone will dig out a picture of Barack Obama shopping at Walmart.

Here's my position. I'm in the Obama camp because (1) he was against the war when I was, as in, before George W. Bush lied Clinton and the rest of the Democratic sheep into voting for it; (2) Obama is more progressive than Hillary; (3) I don't want to return to the Clintonian governing mode where we talk big then lay down for the Rethugs when policy making time comes. Welfare 'reform', NAFTA, etc.

BUT, and here's the big thing, despite my support of Obama, I'm a Democrat, and I realize that if Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee she will be eight hundred thousand million bazillion infinitesimally better than her Republican opponent, whoever that may be. And I'll work for her, and support her, and get out the vote to get her into the White House. And any Democrat with a functioning cerebral cortex should feel the same way about all the Democratic candidates, no matter who you support.

Let's stop attacking each other about minutia. Could we get back to the issues, please? Why aren't our Democratic candidates talking about Iraq, Afghanistan, or how our military/industrial complex is draining the treasury and contributing to the recession? Why aren't they pointing out that we are paying a shadowy private army of mercenaries 100 times what we would pay the same numbers of soldiers? Why are they attacking each other, rather than tying the Republican candidates to the failed policies of George W. Bush. As a matter of fact, why aren't they promising to put George W. Bush in jail when they take office?

Let's start throwing stones at the Republicans. They're the ones living in a house of lies.

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