Wednesday, January 23, 2008


How fucking stupid can Republicans be? You want to mobilize women voters against your 18th century views? Start an anti-Hillary 527 group (Swiftboat-style) and call it "Citizens United Not Timid". Yes, that acronym is CUNT.

The group is headed by Roger Stone, an excreble excuse for a human being, who started out working for Richard Nixon's CREEP. He lost his respectable jobs when he got outed as a family values hypocrite who was advertising for group sex and visiting sex clubs with his wife. Love those family values.

I had an old lawyer call me a cunt once, during a telephone call where we were arguing about some discovery issue. He was one of those old disheveled white guys sitting in a one-room office keeping his crooked shingle by the skin of his teeth. I didn't saying anything to him when he said it, but in my head I was furious. And after that call I wouldn't give him an inch, on anything. No continuances, no courtesies, nothing. He was dead to me and I enjoyed my revenge (a dish best enjoyed cold.) He paid a lot more for that case than he would had he been merely civil.

That's the way this CUNT group strikes me. Hillary's not my candidate, and tactics like this make me WANT to vote for her, just to send your sexist pig asses to Canada, or hell, or wherever the scumbag Republicans go when the Dems take over in January. Can't happen soon enough.

Here's my 527 group:

Prevalence of Republican Idiocy Confounds Knowledgeable Skeptics = P.R.I.C.K.S.

After all, how fucking stupid can they be?

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