Thursday, February 23, 2006

Why Take That Chance?

Steve Gilliard at the News Blog is right:

No one gives a shit

I don't give shit about the nuances here, nor do most New Yorkers.

To let the UAE run American ports is simply unacceptable.


Because Bush fucked up airport security on 9/11. His promises to protect the ports are useless.

We'll just get some more excuses when an LNG tanker takes out Baltimore. Ooops my bad isn't really an explanation.

Most New Yorkers don't dwell on 9/11, but when I heard this deal, I said I just don't want to take a chance.

On 9/11, I woke up and was listening to Howard Stern when the first plane hit. I saw the second plane hit live on TV and instantly knew it was Bin Laden.

When I went out later that day, I saw an F-15 flying over Central Park at 2000 feet, armed.

Jen woke up to ashes flooding her then Brooklyn Heights apartment.

So forgive me when I don't take Bush at his word on this. If he's wrong, his cowardly ass is going to fly on Air Force One and Cheney is going to a bunker. We're the ones who live with the mistake.

The UAE has too many links with terror, and I don't give a flying fuck how many white men in suits they send to cover for them. Because these people got the Bin Laden family out of the US when no one else could fly, asking a question about Uncle Osama was too much for them to bear.

If this pisses off Arabs, well, yeah, I guess they're pissed, although I think they have far more compelling reasons to be pissed at us.

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