Monday, February 20, 2006

This Land Is Your Land

The Bush Administration proposes selling off 300,000 acres of our national forest. Anything to protect those tax cuts for millionaires. From Scrutiny Hooligans, via skippy:

United States Forest Service to Sell 300,000 Acres of Your National Parks Forests

The Bush administration's FY 2007 is a trainwreck for nearly every domestic program in America. While continuing to lower taxes on the wealthiest Americans, Bush plans to increase the defense budget to record heights before even counting the costs of War in Iraq and Afghanistan. This means that, in order to claim fiscal responsibility, Bush wants to decimate domestic programs (Read here for a more comprehensive look).

In the case of the Amendment to Extend the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act, Bush is hiding a selloff of American public lands behind the desperate state of rural education. The plan is to sell about 300,000 acres of National parklands to private interests and then to use that money to fund rural schools for five years. The current SRSCSDA funds rural schools by logging federal land, but the trees just ain't what used to be. So it's time to start logging the public lands, the national parks forests.


As soon as the public comment period begins, it will up to citizens to contest each and every sale. Until the public commment period begins, it is up to citizens to demand their representatives oppose this senseless move. This is part of an ongoing Bush administration effort to privatize public lands, expand logging, and starve the public education system.

We can fund education and preserve our national forests for our grandchildren. It just means that Dick Cheney loses his tax cut.

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Screwy Hoolie said...

Thanks for the shoutout, truth.

When the public comment period begins, Scrutiny Hooligans and the entire Carolina Blog Network will let everyone know.

We plan to jam every phone line, email box, and fax machine at the US Forest Service HQ with our dissent.

Thanks for your help!