Sunday, February 19, 2006

Get Well Alan Smith

This is how we want to see Alan Smith come back.

Alan Smith of Manchester United broke his leg at the end of yesterday's FA Cup match with Liverpool, a break so bad that most of the other players on the field couldn't stand to look at it. I've seen Smith live three times, in Chicago & New York on England's US Tour, and in Manchester last fall. He's a tenacious player who is never outworked. Hope he can use that attitude to recover from an injury which Sir Alex Ferguson said was one of the worst he's ever seen. He's going to miss the World Cup and will probably be out for a year.

Smith suffers horrific leg break

Soccer: Hope crumples on one bad break

Smith career not under threat


Anonymous said...

Actually you saw him 4 times-CHICAGO< NY< MANCHESTER & MIDDLESBORO[sp?]

truth said...

Ah, thanks CM, I stand corrected.