Friday, January 20, 2006

Medicare Part D(isaster)

Like the feminists say, the personal is the political:

Hilzoy at Obsidian Wings: Medicare Part D And Me

One of the main reasons for choosing one of the plans it offers over others is that that plan covers all the medications you're actually taking; yet while the insurers who offer those plans can change which medications they cover every month, seniors are locked into those plans for a whole year. And, my favorite detail of all, the government is forbidden to either compete against private companies by offering its own plan, or to bargain for lower prices on drugs.

Mac at Pesky' Apostrophe: Save my grandma

My grandmother recently received a letter about the new Bush Medicare initiative, Medicare Part D. The letter informed her that she was eligible and that she had to enroll. This is not my grandmother reading something into it - my mother saw the letter and that’s what it said.

My grandmother has private insurance through my grandfather’s former employer. Before he died a few years ago, he made sure my grandmother understood that the private insurance was better and he wanted her to have it and keep it. Being confused about the Medicare Part D enrollment, my grandmother called her insurance company. No one had any clue about Medicare Part D and, being prone to panic, my grandmother sent in her enrollment form.

Thus begins the nightmare.

By enrolling in Medicare Part D, my grandmother’s private insurance was cancelled. Part D is only the prescription drug part of Medicare, so my grandmother doesn’t have medical insurance at the moment. My grandmother...who is 76 years old...does not have medical insurance. My grandmother is in a total panic. My mother is livid. She called me up a few days ago and said, “I’d like to shove this new Medicare thing right up someone’s ass. Like up President Bush’s ass, where it belongs.”

From the Baxter, Arkansas Bulletin: Medicare Part D a mess, local pharmacist says

"It's like Hurricane Katrina — they knew it was coming, but no one did anything to get ready for it," Ponder said.

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