Monday, September 22, 2008

John McCain Lies About Always Buying American Cars

McCain went on TV on a local Detroit, Michigan station two weeks ago and claimed "I've bought American literally all my life." He lied. He and his wife own 13 cars, 3 of which are foreign, a Honda, a Lexus, and a Volkswagon.

Lying seems to have become second nature to McCain.

HuffPo: McCain Lies: "I've Bought American Literally All My Life"

Wall Street Journal: Newsweek: Vehicle Records of McCain's 13 Cars Contradict His Boast About Buying American

Newsweek: All the Candidates’ Cars


Stonecipher said...

It's likely that his Honda was actually made here in the U.S., but that's beside the point. McCain is a liar, so is Palin and so is campaign manager Rick Davis.

In fact, they think we're really stupid and they think they can get away with it:

truth said...

Yup. They think we're stupid.