Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cindy Parlow Leaving Her Brain to Science

NYTimes: 12 Athletes Leaving Brains to Concussion Study

Cindy Parlow retired from international play in 2006 because of post-concussion syndrome.

“I’m doing this to raise awareness of concussion and the injury, because it’s so misunderstood,” said Parlow, 30, who competed in three Olympics and two World Cups for the United States team and now has severe headaches from two significant concussions. “You can’t say, ‘Look at my broken leg.’ It’s a hidden injury. Especially in female athletes, because it’s seen as a football or male injury.”

Parlos is also on the Athlete Advisory Board of The Sports Legacy Institute, which was founded to bring awareness of the injuries suffered by athletes, especially brain injuries.

When I saw that a female soccer player was participating in this study, I thought it would be Joy Fawcett, who wore the anti-concussion headgear her last few years with the national team.

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