Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Factory Pig Farm in Suburban Massachusetts

I'd put a picture of a pig farm here but that would PUT THE NATION AT RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boston Globe: Soo-wee! ...... Phooey!
Sick of pig farm stench, Tewksbury group seeks law

900 pigs is not a family farm. This factory farm has a 500,000 gallon manure pit.

The funniest part of the story is this:

Stranger still, the exact number of pigs at the farm is apparently a poorly-kept secret. Making that figure public jeopardizes national security, state and local officials have said.

National security? Yes, the farm and state officials refuse to release the exact number of pigs on the stinky farm because information about our food supply is a state secret! They let the farm expand illegally then approved it retroactively. The whole thing smells to high heaven:

[T]hree years ago, [pig farm opponent David Powers] said, the pig stench went from bad to unbearable when Krochmal Farm expanded its pig operation before they had legal permission to do so.

It became "horrific, like the bottom of a dumpster," Powers said. "I don't think a factory farm should be in a suburban Boston neighborhood."

Powers has pieced together information about the farm, using public records searches and satellite maps. If that seems like spying, it is. Local health officials refuse to give information about the number of pigs on Krochmal Farm, saying to release that information violates Homeland Security rules protecting the secrecy of the nation's food supply.

Clement did confirm that the farm underwent an unauthorized expansion, which was approved by local officials because the building was deemed sound.

"Basically they built a new pig barn . . . without the necessary approval or building permits," she said.

That angered neighbors, and the town ultimately fined the Cave family for building the barn without proper construction permits. Powers said was deeply disturbing to think that the town's pig farms could expand without public notice.

More than 300 people signed a petition in favor of the new pig regulations that would penalize pig farmers who threaten the environment and quality of life. Of particular concern is whether manure runoff from the farm will seep into wetlands.

"Everybody knew there was a pig farm" in the neighborhood when they moved in, Powers said. "Nobody knew they would turn it into a factory farm."

Some moronic state official calls the factory farm "state of the art". State of the corporate farm, maybe, not so great for the neighbors, or the pigs (a 500,000 manure pit must be worse when you live next to it.)

It's a view state officials have little sympathy for. Scott Soares, assistant commissioner of agricultural resources, said the Krochmal pig barn is "state of the art." Neighbors should have questioned whether the pig population would rise before moving there, he said.

Yes, a state official says that neighbors should have assumed that the farm would expand illegally and the state would retroactively approve the lawbreaking. Lawlessness must be expected in modern corporate America.

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Anonymous said...

Can't good farmers separate themselves from farmers like this who wrck their neighbors lives? They should stand up.