Thursday, May 29, 2008

John McCain Says Obama Needs to Go to Iraq

McCain says Obama can't talk about Iraq until he goes there.

Can we really afford another Shorja Market Moment? 100 armed soldiers, 2 Apache gunships, and 3 Blackhawk helicopters to shepherd Obama through some pre-cleared area for 10 minutes?

Or maybe he can go on the cheap, like George W. Clusterfuck, or Dickhead Cheney, or Condolizard, have Obama make a "surprise" visit to Iraq, land at some American airstrip 20 miles of barbed wire and tanks from any actual Iraqis, review a few lines of dusty troops, and on his way again?

I don't think Obama should do anything McCain dares him to do. When McCain went to Shorja Market and pretended it was safe, 21 Iraqis were abducted from the market and executed the very next day. If Obama does go, he should wait until the nomination is his, and go there with some real soldiers, maybe Wesley Clark and Jim Webb.

Here's the Shorja Market visit, as well as some of McCain's other bald-faced lies:

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