Saturday, May 31, 2008

Curse of the 'Pool Men

Telegraph (uk): Gary Neville builders create Liverpool FC shrine under Manchester United player's pool

Liverpudlian brothers Brian and Gary Greer buried a Liverpool scarf and a copy of Kop, the club's fanzine, and a match programme, in a plastic tube when they worked on the England defender's pool.

"While we were there we created a Scouse time capsule under the pool and tiled over the top of it," Brian Greer told The Sun newspaper.

"When his house is dug up in the future, archaeologists will see what a passion he had for the Red men."

People sure do like to pick on Gary Neville. Here's a video of a British show that's like "Punk'd" on MTV, where Rio Ferdinand sets up fellow footballers. Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs are not amused.

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