Tuesday, April 03, 2007

McCain's Fantasy Revealed

John McCain took his heavily armored little walk in Baghdad's Shorja Market on Sunday then proclaimed:

“Things are better. There are encouraging signs,”

Yes, Johnny Mac feels safe while wearing a flak jacket, surrounded by 100 armed men and five combat helicopters.

The 21 Shorja Market workers who were ambushed and executed yesterday didn't feel quite so safe. They aren't encouraged at all. They're just dead, more wasted lives on the altar of the Madness of King George and all his preening sycophantic courtiers like St. John McCain and his Bullshit Express.

The 21 Shiites, together with six Kurdish colleagues still missing, worked in Baghdad's popular Shorja market where 60 people were killed in a double suicide bombing targeting Shiites last Thursday. Medics said their handcuffed and blindfolded bodies were found near a water-treatment plant in the village of Morariyah after daybreak.

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