Friday, May 30, 2008

A Few Good Links

Who let the chimp out?

At HuffPo, Donald Sutherland (yes, the M*A*S*H* actor) points out that Hillary only leads in the popular vote if you ignore that the 11 states & 1 territory that had caucuses rather than votes. (Why didn't I think of that?)

skippy exhorts his readers to boycott Dunkin Donuts (and many already have) after DD's caved to a right-wing protest against a Rachel Ray ad where she was wearing an ugly scarf, which they likened to the traditional Arab headcovering, the kaffiyeh. Go look at the pictures, hilarious.

The Daily Mail has all the pictures of President Clusterfuck's clowning around at the Air Force Academy graduation. Chest bumps all around.

Also on the Daily Mail, check out this gold cup, under the fabulous headline: Grandson of rag and bone man discovers 'Indiana Jones' gold cup may be worth £500,000

Sadly, No with the story of a crazed right-wing blogger trying to prove that Obama's great uncle wasn't in the division that liberated Buchenwald, and what a WWII soldier had to say back. Rightwing nutjob, meet reality.

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