Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Vanity Fair Nails Giuliani On Federal Election Law Violations

Hmmmm....just today, Rudy Giuliani has "stepped down" from his position as head of Giuliani Partners. Weird, isn't it, that he would do this just one month before the Iowa caucuses? Why now? Why not six months ago, or two years ago when he began campaigning in earnest?

It's probably because of this article from the January issue of Vanity Fair, now on the web, which calls him out on the fact that he's flouting Federal election law by being paid for a no-show job:

Vanity Fair: Risky Business
A Tale of Two Giulianis

These days Giuliani’s office sits mostly empty as he canvasses the country for money and votes in his bid to become the Republican nominee for president in 2008. Is he even still working for Giuliani Partners? It’s a relevant question, because if he isn’t—and, really, how could he be in these busy weeks of campaigning before the first Republican presidential primaries?—then he shouldn’t be drawing a salary from the firm. According to a former top Federal Election Commission official, that would be a breach of election law: the firm would in effect be making undeclared campaign contributions.

(The bold is mine.)

So, it's not a sudden resignation. It's oops, the media noticed that I am violating Federal Election Law resignation.

Jeez, when the media does its job, good stuff happens. It just doesn't happen very often anymore.

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