Sunday, December 02, 2007

"The old boys club? That's alive and well."

Christine Grant, former women's athletic director, University of Iowa

Quote from Vivian Acosta, professor emerita at New York's Brooklyn College, who had to file a Title IX complaint against Brooklyn College in 1992 to get the law enforced there. Unfortunately, not much has changed since then, except the numbers of women's coaches of women's teams continue to fall. This LA Times article says that 40% of the coaches of NCAA women's teams are female; that means 60% of the coaches are male. The numbers of men running athletic departments continues to remain very high, and women make up less than 2% of the coaches of men's sports. So now less than 25% of coaching jobs are held by women. That's a disgrace.

LATimes: Number of female coaches in women's sports shrinks to all-time low
Officials in athletics say there is no one simple reason, but most add that sexism is part of it.

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