Tuesday, December 04, 2007

High School Kid Discovers 65 Million-year-old Duckbilled Dinosaur

WaPo: Scientists Get Rare Look at Dinosaur Soft Tissue

Fossil May Shed New Light on the Creatures

A high school student hunting fossils in the badlands of his native North Dakota discovered an extremely rare mummified dinosaur that includes not just bones but also seldom seen fossilized soft tissue such as skin and muscles, scientists will announce today.

The 25-foot-long hadrosaur found by Tyler Lyson in an ancient river flood plain in the dinosaur-rich Hell Creek Formation is apparently the most complete and best preserved of the half-dozen mummified dinosaurs unearthed since early in the last century, they said.

The pictures are great, too:

Gallery: Unearthing a Dinosaur Mummy

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