Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Rudy Giuliani's Tryst Fund

I'm a little late to this story, but did you know that the loathesome Rudy Giuliani starred in "Sex On the City", with supporting players Judith Nathan, the NYPD, and various obscure NYC agencies?

How'd he do it? Giuliani spent New York City tax dollars for "security" (NYPD cops) for himself and Judith Nathan his mistress while they were having their affair. Giuliani began traveling to Nathan's home in the Hamptons (while still married to his wife Donna Hanover, who was living in Gracie Mansion with their children) in 1999. He took NYC security with him, and mysteriously those expenses got dumped into the coffers of obscure city agencies like the New York City Loft Board (and a not so obscure agency, but certainly marginal in a Republican administration,

So New York's finest, the police who should have been protecting the city, were pulling double duty -- guarding Rudy's family, and guarding Rudy's love nest.

And they went wherever his love nest, and wherever his lover, went. Judith Nathan got NYPD escorts for trips to her parent's house in Hazelton, Pennsylvania (a house which Rudy & Judi bought last week, coincidence?).

Here's how Talking Points Memo summarizes the sleaze:

The Shag Fund not only paid for the 11 tryst visits to Hamptons.

-- It paid for hotel and other expenses for mayoral aides -- in addition to the security detail -- who also went with the mayor to the Hamptons on the tryst weekends.

-- Nathan's NYPD-chauffeured trips (without Rudy) to visit her parents in Pennsylvania, 130 miles outside the city.

-- NYPD detectives and city-owned undercover Dodge to drive Nathan around the city.

-- NYPD detectives and city-owned undercover Dodge to drive Nathan's friends and family around the city even when she wasn't in the car.

-- NYPD security detail for Nathan, personally approved by Bernard Kerik.

-- NYPD cops to walk Nathan's dog.

Lowest of all -- NYPD walked Judi Nathan's dog.

Maybe even lower: Rudy Giuliani is trying to capitalize on the story! Watch this video for the awful truthL

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