Monday, March 26, 2007

The Supine Corporate Media

Go watch this clip from BBC Question Time and tell me if we will ever get intelligent television like this on US media. (Via Brilliant at Breakfast, via Hoffmania) Watching John Bolton taken to task is such a pleasant way to start the day.

On American TV, instead, we get Chris Matthews and other mouth-breathing circus clowns laughing about Bush's crimes, or Katie Couric pummeling Elizabeth and John Edwards for continuing the campaign in the face of her cancer (conveniently, Katie forgets that she herself worked throughout her husband's fight with cancer. Do as I say, not as I do.) Couric phrased most of her interrogatory questions with the preface "Some say", then proceeded to spew right wing talking points.

Democrats must bring back the Fairness Doctrine, or our media will continue to be dominated by right wing, completely wrong perspectives.


Walt said...

You wouldn't *really* want the Fairness Doctrine back.

The news media has been revolutionized since it was put out to pasture -- internet, cable TV, satellite radio, you name it. Access to different points of view has never been easier.

What's more, the "fairness doctrine" was never fair. It only applied to broadcasters and it actually discouraged open debate. The return of the fairness doctrine would have a chilling effect on public debate.

Full disclosure: I work for the NAB so I do have a dog in this fight.

Geraint said...

Ref: ".. or our media will continue to be dominated by [the] right wing..."

What hallucinogenic self-delusion is this?

The Left really has gone potty.

Its grasp on reality has quite disappeared.

The MSM is absolutely dominated by the Left .. it's not even a point of debate any more, as witness the BBC's self-confession recently that it is endemically left-leaning, anti-Christian and America-hating.

And you express your admiration for an organisation that despises your country!

The Fairness Doctrine ... if applied Fairly [which we know it won't be] ... would hit the Left .. the MSM, the newspapers, the college campuses .. far, far more than it would impact the right.

Now, the one area where the Right dominates is talk radio.

One - that's it.

Everywhere else is wall to wall Leftism.

But the Left cannot enjoy its pre-eminence while Snow White lives, unmolested, in the Free Market Forest of Free Speech.

And the Left cannot compete with the beautiful Snow White .. everywhere it has tried [Air America, anyone?] it has failed ... and so it must KILL HER OFF.

All in the name of "Fairness" you understand.

And the hallucinogenic dope will enable the Left to apply its journalistic fascism with a clear conscience .. believing itself to be "fair".

Lord help us.