Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Racism Lives, USA, 2007

Shaquanda Cotton (from Free Shaquanda Cotton website)

Miami, Florida: Tennis player Serena Williams is racially abused by a white male spectator who tells her to "hit the ball into the net like any nigger would".

Paris, Texas: A 15-year-old black girl, Shaquanda Cotton, has been in jail for over a year of a seven year jail term for pushing a hall monitor at her high school in 2005. (The hall monitor was not injured; it was her first offense.) Three months earlier, the same judge sentenced a 14-year-old white girl convicted of arson for burning down her family's house to probation.

Georgia: The Georgia State Senate has dropped the bill that would have freed 19-year-old black man Genarlow Wilson, who will now rot in jail for another eight years for conduct that is now only a misdemeanor under Georgia law.

It's not just the South, either:

Cambridge, Massachusetts: Vaunted Harvard University has 41 varsity sports and not one black coach. This is not surprising given that the AD and his 13 senior administrators are also not black. The AD has hired coaches for 12 sports since he was hired in 2001; all his hires are white.

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Roy R. said...

This case and all similar instances concerning racial bigotry, indifference, and blatant injustice is typical of the institutional racism that is practiced on a daily basis by the white populace. Let's not be fooled into thinking for one moment that the decisions made by the judge in Paris were not racially driven. Whenever white people can get away with racism, they will do it! That is why we should never, ever allow Affirmative Action laws to be dissolved. Black people need these laws to maintain equality and to keep white people in check! Look at the news. It's there right in front of us every, single, solitary day! They hate us. And that hate will linger on and on as long as we are able to walk, talk, live and breathe air in America. Don't be fooled by the media, the movies, TV or the few interracial marriages you see. The old, white racists are still alive and have perpetuated their racist ideals and passed them on to the younger generation...alive today! The law and black unity is all we have left...we must use it to it's fullest extent in dealing with this hatred!