Thursday, March 29, 2007

Get Well Soon, Rick Hoyt

I just found yesterday that I won't be in town for the Boston Marathon (an annual event for me since my first, 1976) and today I learned another fixture will be missing.

When you go to the Marathon, there are certain notable points. The wheelchair leaders, the men's leader, the women's leader, and the Hoyts. Used to be Johnny Kelley, the 1935 and 1945 winner who finished 58 Bostons, was in that list of notables, but he stopped running in 1992 and sadly died three years ago at age 97.

Metrowest News (Framingham, MA): Team Hoyt to miss this year's Boston Marathon due to Rick's surgery

Cellulitis sounds like a fairly benign condition, but to someone in a wheelchair with multiple medical issues nothing is minor. Get well soon Rick & I hope we'll both be back next year.

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