Friday, March 30, 2007

News Round-Up, Friday, March 30, 2007

Can't get enough of Knut

I love my Congressman. I was a little surprised when I read the headline saying that my extremely liberal Congressman Jim McGovern (D-MA) is endorsing Hillary Clinton (who voted for the war he has always opposed), but when I read the article it made sense. He's supporting her because she will make history as the first woman president; he decided after hearing his five-year-old daughter talk about Hillary with her kindergarten classmates. As the daughter of parents who told her she could become President if she wanted, I salute that. And let's face it. There are no bad candidates on the Democratic side. I'd vote for any of them in a heartbeat.

Anti-abortion zealot Dr. Eric Keroack has resigned his position as head of the Office of Population Affairs at HHS under a cloud of scandal; he is being investigated for Medicaid fraud in Massachusetts. Hah!

The Washington Post has redesigned its website. There is now a page where all articles about climate change are listed.

No comment, or should I say, speechless: Video: Rove raps at correspondents dinner.

Rudy Giuliani's caught in another lie: He knew about Bernie Kerik's ties to organized crime.

Via atrios, the new website Politico should be called Drudgico, not surprising given that Politico founder Jim VandeHei is married to a former Tom Delay staffer and reportedly has a shrine to GWB in his house. Ewww.

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