Wednesday, February 28, 2007

There's a New Bard in Town

Steve Gilliard's NewsBlog: LowerManhattanite: "Political Masturbation Theatre Presents: William Shakespeare's 'Obamo'"

This is just the opening. Go quickly, and read the whole, forsooth!

(Curtain rises on a smoke-filled, oak-lined study. In it stands OBAMO, a noble Moorish/Amfrerican, newly chosen to the Senate and HILLAMONA, a proud, steely blonde of noble lineage, also to the Senate selected. They are at opposite ends of the room—brooding in smoldering silence. The tension between them could be cut with a plastic spoon/fork hybrid {“spork”}. Hillamona wheels on Obamo suddenly with fire dancing in her eyes)

HILLAMONA: (Flushed and holding her throat as if just choked) Varlet! You sought to steal the air from my lungs—my campaign’s very lungs!

OBAMO; You drape your anger ‘pon a hook in the wrong man’s castle. T’was not I, Hillamona—your quarrel lay with King David of the Western Hills. Yet you assail me.

HILLAMONA: He mouths words as thy proxy, Obamo—deny it not, for you know it to be true.

OBAMO: He is his own man. I do not control him.

Best wishes to Steve Gilliard who is in the hospital facing open heart surgery. F*** the f****** Yankees (Steve's rallying cry) and get well soon.

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