Wednesday, February 28, 2007

In The Richest Country In The World

There is no such thing as compassionate conservatism. Consider:

A little boy in Maryland died this weekend after an infection from a rotted tooth spread to his brain. His mother couldn't afford the $80 to have it pulled, and they couldn't find a dentist to take their Medicaid; then they lost their Medicaid coverage.

And that occurred under Bush's previous budget; his next budget would throw 6,000 kids in New Hampshire alone off the Medicaid program (but we must keep those tax cuts for millionaires.)

A young couple lose their jobs in Northern Virginia, and within months they are homeless.

Under the misadministration of George W. Bush, the numbers of people living in severe poverty (defined as an individual with an income of less than roughly $5,000 per year, or a family with an income of less than $10,000 per year) have grown by 25% to 16,000,000 people (16 million).

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