Wednesday, February 28, 2007

If We Lived in Iraq

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Cities like New York, Los Angeles and Dallas have only 4 hours of electricity a day while a provisional puppet government is set up seemingly with the sole mission of enriching the occupying nation’s private industry. Cheap and unqualified labor is smuggled in from the Philippines and elsewhere while Americans are starving in the streets.

37.5 million Americans are now on a food subsistence program. Think of 37,500,000 of our citizens on food stamps. 750 Americans are killed violently each day from wartime activities, with 255,000 more injured every year. This doesn’t include a dramatic spike in deaths from “natural causes” related to the effects of war, such as cholera from open sewers in American streets, cancer from depleted uranium shells from a previous war. And, of course, the non-fatal casualties can only be tabulated by hospitals counting actual admissions. The problem with this is that there aren’t enough hospitals to go around so many injuries go untreated.

Americans are forced to flee at the rate of 15,000,000 a year. We’re streaming into Canada, Mexico, even Cuba, whoever will take us. Give us your poor huddled masses? That was a quaint notion once in America but now no one wants us, least of all the brobdingnagian superpower that’s primarily responsible for our peoples’ mass displacement.

The New York Times and Washington Post’s offices are bombed and approximately 150 of our journalists are targeted for death every year.

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