Wednesday, July 12, 2006

This Is What Happens When Government Privatizes Safety

Corporations only care about profit. That's why we must have strong governmental safety organizations. But politicians in Massachusetts avoided taking responsibility for the Big Dig, leaving oversight to the Turnpike Authority. This accident should never have happened. The ceiling of this Big Dig tunnel featured 3 ton concrete slabs suspended by steel rods attached by epoxy, and was probably installed for purely esthetic reasons, to cover up the fans above. Does that sound safe to you? And you're not even in the construction business.

In this dramatic cell phone photo captured by a passing motorist, debris tumbles from the ceiling of the I-90 connector tunnel, slamming onto the roof of a car, instantly killing passenger Milena Del Valle. (Boston Herald)

Investigators believe a single steel hanger failed, ultimately leading to the ceiling collapse. (George Rizer/ Globe Staff)

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