Sunday, July 09, 2006

Italian Diving Team In World Cup Final

Totti begins his diving sequence. The Russian judge gives him a 9.9

I'm just disgusted that the cynical Italy squad, which has flopped on fields all over Germany for the last month, has reached the World Cup finals. Vive le France, alles les bleus, please, Zizou, stamp out this Italian nonsense. The diving has been out of control; FIFA must do something to stop it. It ruins the game to watch someone drop, roll, writhe, fake injury, be stretchered off, then hop up on the sidelines after being administered the magic water bottle cure. And how do I know it's fake? Watch a high-level women's game. Women don't do this. After a challenge or a collision, women hop and go about their business. Women would be embarrassed to look like such wimps.

Speaking of embarrassment, when you search 'world cup flop' on yahoo photos, you get four pictures of the US Men's National Team. Ouch.

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