Thursday, July 13, 2006

Madness in the Middle East

Pablo Picasso, 1937

I don't know what to say about the Middle East. To me, both sides are crazy. Diplomacy has been abandoned. Of course, it doesn't help that The Decider has no commitment to world peace. At least with Clinton involved you felt there was a chance. Who from the Bush Administration is monitoring the Middle East? Condi? She's probably out shoe shopping, or dreaming of her husband. FUBAR. Here's an interesting piece from today's Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Read the whole thing.

Sandy Tolan, Seattle Post-Intelligencer: 'Never again' gone mad in Israel

In the name of forcing the release of a single soldier, Israel has seized members of a democratically elected government; bombed its interior ministry, the prime minister's offices and a school; threatened another sovereign state (Syria) with a menacing overflight; dropped leaflets from the air, warning of harm to the civilian population if it does not "follow all orders" of the Israel Defense Forces; loosed nocturnal "sound bombs" under orders from the Israeli prime minister to "make sure no one sleeps at night in Gaza"; fired missiles into residential areas, killing children; and demolished a power station that was the sole generator of electricity and running water for hundreds of thousands of Gazans.

Besieged Palestinian families, trapped in a locked-down Gaza, are down to one meal a day, eaten in candlelight. Yet their desperate conditions go largely ignored by a world accustomed to extreme Israeli measures in the name of security.

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