Thursday, July 13, 2006

How Low Can Marion Jones Go?

Time magazine cover, Sept. 11, 2000

AFP: Jones linked to US cheque fraud ring
US athletics star Marion Jones has reportedly been linked to a five million-dollar cheque-counterfeiting ring, having received a 25,000-dollar cheque from a defendant.

Citing court records, the Virginian-Pilot newspaper reported that Jones, in the middle of a comeback following a disappointing Olympic-year flop in 2004, deposited the cheque into her bank account last year.

While Jones has not been charged, other people who received cheques from the account of the same Norfolk businessman have been indicted and one of them pleaded guilty, the newspaper reported.

Among 12 people indicted in the New York-based case were her ex-boyfriend, disgraced former 100m world record-holder Tim Montgomery and her track coach, Steve Riddick. Both men attended college at Norfolk state.

This woman was a national champion basketball star with North Carolina (1994), known as the fastest woman in the world, and won five medals in the 2000 Sidney Olympics, three golds and two bronzes, the first woman ever to win five medals at one Olympics.

Now I just think of her as a cheater. Steroids and check kiting. Sheesh.

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